The Empathic Civilization

I found this video very interesting, educational and fun. It goes beyond a merely informational standpoint: it generates interest, and appeals to people who would probably not be motivated to read about the topic.

Is it worth striving for an empathic civilization? I believe so. It is certainly not an easy task, in fact it might be quite difficult to do so. Our society and culture have taught us to be individualist beings, to look out for ourself and “ours”, and to approach those who are not part of our “tribe” with suspicion. To a certain degree, we cannot expect perfection, that would be an ideal. But to raise children and educate people in a way that they become responsible, aware and conscious beings can impact not only individuals, but also our societies, our environment, and our planet.

I believe people work with what is given to them. Expecting little from people will, more often than not, result in poor development and lower expectations about oneself. Increasing  your expectations on what people can do, will give them room and drive to try to do and be better than they are, than what their parents were, than what society has told them to be.


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