…explaining heartless Men…

In my previous post I discussed a bit about my take on two documentaries I saw recently. There is much to be said about each of them, but I believe the simple fact of spreading the information and making people know that these movies are out there has worth in itself. Mainly because it allows people to form their own impressions concerning the ideas expressed. However, besides the media issue, there was something else that caught my attention: heartless men that think of nothing but their own wealth.

In both movies we see people who not only take action that doesn’t help solve or ameliorate fundamental environmental or social issues, but that aggravate the state in which things already are. Sometimes by simple denial of the issues! And the worst is, they really seem to believe what they are saying! How can this be?

Are they heartless? Are they so short-sighted that they cannot see what lies ahead? Are they lonely people who have no one else to think of but themselves? If not, are they in contact with some sort of technology that can save their loving ones (and that will, no doubt, fail in the end)?

And then it struck me: they are brainwashed! If we consider that most people take what’s given to them without further thought, this might only be an issue of the way people are reared to believe in some things, like their parents and grandparents did. But, the question remains: can you really believe in what you’re saying when you’re fighting the world about how what you’re doing is going to bring “Armageddon” (despite the decrease of cold related deaths that comes as a result of global warming! See The Yes Men Fix The World for this one!)?! This is not a young idealistic man telling me outsourcing to poor countries is about sharing the wealth and improving the life standards in the third world (I can understand how in an ideal world this could be a valid point. Unfortunately, in our world it just leads to unemployment in one hand, and exploration of people in third world countries in the other! Oh, and very healthy and happy stockholders!). These are individuals telling us that global warming doesn’t exist, that it’s not that bad and it has some perks, that whales are responsible for fish decrease and not our consumerist society that catches more fish everyday, among other misinformation. Do they not love their children? Do they not worry about their future at least, I’m not even going to assume they would be altruistic enough to think about other beings (human or not).

In my mind, these Men go to bed every night and a subliminal tape rolls with misguided information that gets stuck in their heads. When they wake up, they greet the day by entering some hyperbaric-like chamber where a million images, sounds and thoughts are manipulated so to carve their brains in a beautiful web of lies, that become truths for them.They check if their chip is working: they have a rebellious thought. They squirm from an electric impulse to the brain. They know it’s working. They pop antidepressants into the coffee mug, and drink it in a lifeless motion. They smile to the mirror, without looking to their own eyes. If they did, they would probably see the void. Pop some eye drops, to look lively. Go conquer the world now!


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