My Year 2010

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This was a very full year for me. I’ve moved from “home” twice, lived in four different countries, spent huge amounts of time in trains and airplanes (and even more time in airports due to cancelled flights – strikes, weather, ash cloud, you name it, I have a story!).

It started with a wedding (my own), and ends with dreams of great opportunities and a brighter future. Dreaming big, making some sacrifices, working hard, and not giving up, all pay up in the end! So, let’s kickstart the new year with laughter, fun and love.

The slideshow covers a lot of my trips, my day-to-day, and more unusual events.

The first snow photo is actually from 2009, but I didn’t take any in early 2010! Funny, I know! This covers different sites in: Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Romenia,USA.

Thanks to all my friends for this fantastic year! And to my family, whom I miss a LOT!

And a Special Thanks to my husband, who’s been always with me in this adventure we call life! Love you!


2 thoughts on “My Year 2010

  1. It’s been a great end of a decade, and the new year seems to be bringing brand new craziness (in a good way)! 😀 Hope you guys jump into the new year with your right feet! Can’t wait to see you guys again, and meet the little guy! 😉 Bisous!!!


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