Things I wish people did (or did not do) when traveling in enclosed spaces

This year I’ve spent an incredible amount of time in trains and airplanes. I’ve scoffed at the recent explosion of news about people being upset at other passengers for using the reclining option in their seats (if it’s there, I’m probably going to use it and I expect other passengers to use it too). However, at the end of the day, there are some things that can really upset me. Therefore, as part of the Weekly Challenge…here is my 10 item list to things I wish people did (or did not do) when traveling in enclosed spaces:

  1. Leave smelly food at home (I have experienced everything from McDonald’s to smelly home-made fish sandwiches with real fish…)
  2. Take a shower: I used to believe this was a no-brainer in daily life, but since it doesn’t seem to be, there you go.
  3. Don’t apply perfume inside the train/airplane (and while we’re at it…don’t apply your nail polish either!).
  4. Leave the jabbing at the phone to a minimum (and try to do it quietly): Science backs me up when I say one-sided conversations are distracting to other people…and spending 6 hours listening to you speak on the phone certainly annoys and distracts me: yes, I’m looking at you missy!
  5. If I’m wearing my headphones or reading a book don’t interrupt me to make up conversation about the weather or just chitchat (Also, if I am writing and reading, that means I’m working…you’ll interrupt my flow).
  6. When the airline stewards request to take your carry-on bag because there is not enough space in the plane (and your bag is slightly on the bigger size), don’t argue: there is no conspiracy. It’s their job, don’t ruin yours and their day. No use in arguing except if you purposefully are trying to delay everyone else. Your carry-on bag is being taken. Deal with it.
  7. If you’re flying with a toddler for 12h – or 1h it doesn’t really matter – please bring toys with you to distract said child. You iPhone is NOT a toy and it cannot distract a 16 month old for 12 hours!
  8. Don’t clip your nails (and toenails) while traveling (Ugh!).
  9. Don’t shove your armpit on other people’s face’s when you are standing right next to someone sitting. Be considerate.
  10. Don’t push people to get out of your way when the plane/train has just arrived. The doors will only open in 5 minutes. Relax.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: Countdown.


3 thoughts on “Things I wish people did (or did not do) when traveling in enclosed spaces

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