(Sort of) Getting Seasonal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Getting Seasonal.”

In line with the new goal I’ve set up to develop a writing habit (other than research-centric), here goes, a very personal post.

I remember being excited about Christmas when I was little. I remember the endless rehearsals for concerts and plays at church and school. I loved it: I love singing and I love playing pretend. I remember one Christmas at our vacation house, I should have been 5 or 6 years old. I woke up really early to open the gifts, but they were not under the tree nor by the fireplace. Then, the bell rang, and as I opened the door, a huge bag filled with gifts stood there. I yelped to call my sister, “Santa has come!” My mother came up with some excuse related to some issue with our chimney, that rendered it impossible for Santa to drop the presents inside the house. Later, I learned she didn’t have the time to bring them in, because she heard me inside, so she just left them by the door.

I don’t remember being that excited during my teenage years. There were still singing and plays, until I left attending church, and there was cooking. However, my sister was always the better cook. So, I gladly enjoyed watching my sis and my mother prepare the sweets and get burn at some point – it became a Christmas tradition. I suppose I lived Christmas with the cynicism that adolescents often express when they wish life was entirely different.

As a young adult, however, Christmas became something entirely. I loved it: it brought together the people I loved most. My sister, my dad, and I created a small little tradition of our own: a different menu from the traditional. My dad cooked the appetizers, and I cooked the main dish and a (ruined) desert! (which my dad would still eat to make me feel better while my sis grinned). Once I moved to the US, my husband and I kept doing something not-traditional. We often traveled and spent the day with friends, whom we consider as family.

Nowadays, I enjoy Christmas (not the crowds and the excessive spending). I enjoy watching kids unwrapping Xmas presents and I experience vicariously their excitement. I enjoy the sense of happiness, family, love, and hopefulness that comes with the season. And although this year is tinted with sadness and loss, I remember the good moments and the good memories from Christmas past.


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