Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman

I recently finished reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere book. The book was released along with the BBC television series, which I have yet to see, and presents some differences from the tv series.

I love reading Neil Gaiman’s writings, be it short stories or novels, adult or children’s books. His writing is both simple and intricate, dark and funny, descriptive and imaginative. Never dull.

Neverwhere introduces the reader to the alternate universe of London Bellow, a world that exists below the real and present London; a world where things, places and people end up when they fall through the cracks of our “real” world. It is in this world that our anti-hero, Richard Mayhew will explore as he strives to go back to London Above, helping Door, an almost “damsel in distress”, along the way. Don’t want to give too much of it away though, so I’ll just mention some of my favorite things in the book and what I was least pleased with. Continue reading


The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

First of all, I must say I’ve recently discovered Neil Gaiman. Although  friends recommended  me reading his comics “Sandman” some time ago, I never got to do it. I spend so much time reading for work that my fiction and leisure reading often get pushed to the further future. However, me and my husband love going to bookshops, and in one occasion (semi-vacation), I found American Gods, which got me curious about the author. I’m glad to say I loved the book and plan to re-read it soon! Since then, I’ve read, on and off, the short-stories book “Fragile Things”, his book with Terry Pratchet “Good Omens: the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter”, and finished reading, just a few days ago, “The Graveyard Book”. I do plan to keep reading books from this author, he is funny in different ways: he can be explicitly funny, dark, or just catch you by surprise when you least expect it. His writing is compelling, and his storytelling is absolutely enticing! There is fantasy, comedy, and real messages in the middle of all the not-so-random-chaos!

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